Arif al Jabari, the Governor of Hebron, on Thursday met with the head of the Italian Municipalities league, Mr. Georgio Bajono. The consul-general, Mr. Hani Jaber, also attended the meeting.
During the meeting, they discussed the political and economic situation in the Hebron district and the political situation in general. The Governor highlighted the suffering of those living in Hebron City, especially those residents of the Old City who labour under occupation procedures and settler attacks.

The Governor spoke also of the general political situation, highlighting the slow strangulation of the Palestinian economy through the financial embargo that the international community has imposed on the territories since the election of a Hamas-led government last year.

On the subject of Palestine-Italy relations, the governor commended the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the field of development.

For his part, Mr. Banjono highlighted the need for EU support of the Palestinian people and called for an immediate end to the imposed siege. He also pointed to the importance of maintaining and developing the national unity government.