Frequent Israeli air strikes on Gaza killed on Saturday five Palestinians and injured 25 others, medics reported.
Local sources confirmed that five Palestinians, of whom are Mohammad Aldiry and Ali Alnashar, members of the interior ministry’s executive force, have been killed and 25 others wounded.

Saturday’s death toll was the latest out of an Israeli air strike on an outpost of the executive force in the Zaytoun neighborhood in eastern Gaza city, the sources added.

Israeli jetfighters began today sporadic air strikes on Gaza, at least two of which hit the executive force’s post as well as another target in the densely-populated refugee camp of Alshati in western Gaza city.

Two other raids struck posts of the executive force in the southern Gaza Strip cities of Rafah and Khan Younis.

Israeli aerial offensive on Gaza has been non-stopping since the last week, killing about 45 Palestinians including seven children and the remaining were members of the executive force and the Al-qassam brigades of Hamas.

On yesterday night, the Israeli warplanes fired missiles near the house of Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya of Hamas, after Israel had threatened to assassinate him.

PM Haniya considered the Israeli strikes as an indication of Israel’s ‘immoral drive and failure of its internal politics’, referring to the current Israeli standoff in light of Winogord report on Israel’s ‘handling of last summer war on Lebanon’.

Haniya said in a press release that underway Israeli attacks will eventually fail due to the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

The former Palestinian interior minister, Said Siyam of Hamas, established the executive force, which according to Mecca pact between Hamas and Fatah, was to be integrated into official Palestinian Authority’s security apparatuses.

Israel says its attacks on Gaza are meant to respond to the homemade shells, being fired by Palestinian resistance groups, involving Hamas, on nearby Israeli towns.

More than 150 homemade shells, fired over the past week, killed one Israeli woman and injured about 17 others, mostly slightly.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has been holding a series of meetings with the resistance factions over the past couple of days, in an attempt to restore last November’s ceasefire with Israel. The factions insist that a ceasefire should include the West Bank as well.