Israeli forces attacked and searched a local cultural club and a number of hoses in Hebron and nearby villages in the southern part of the West Bank on Saturday morning, kidnapping three youths.

Palestinian sources reported that troops surrounded the two cultural centers in the village of Tafoha and Dora located near Hebron city, and stormed them, ransacking the buildings and confiscating computers and documents, before leaving.

In a separate operation, Israeli troops searched and ransacked Palestinian homes in the old city part Hebron, kidnapping three high school students in the process. The youths were moved to an unknown detention center.

Local sources identified the three as Karam Al Zughbi, 18, Mo’taz Al Junidi, 18, and Ahmad Shukhidem, 18.

On Saturday, the office of the Palestinian ministry of culture in Hebron issued a press release condemning the Israeli army’s attack on the two cultural centers in Tafoha and Dora village, calling the attacks an attempt to paralyze the Palestinian associations against all international human right laws.