On Friday, the villagers of Bil’in, located near the central west bank city of Ramallah, side by side with Israeli and international supporters conducted their weekly protests against the construction of the illegal Wall that is being built on village land.Before the protestors arrived at the gate of the wall that separates the village from its land, they were met with razor wire that the army had installed on the road. Upon arrival, soldiers threatened the non-violent protestors that they would fire tear gas and sound bombs if they crossed the wire. True to form, when protestors started to cross, soldiers opened fire with sound bombs, tear-gas and rubber-coated steel bullets, injuring seven protestors, among them one child and one international.

In addition to the injuries, several tear gas canisters landed in a nearby olive orchard causing several fires which severely damaged a number of olive trees.

Israeli soldiers also kidnapped three Palestinian protestors who were also part of the local committee against the Wall and settlement activity in the village. Troops detained them for several hours before releasing them.