At least one Palestinian security officer was wounded on Tuesday morning during renewed Hamas-Fatah clashes that took place near the Karni commercial crossing, in the north east of the Gaza strip.
Media sources have reported that Hamas and Fatah forces fought for several hours on Tuesday in the Gaza Strip near the Karni commercial crossing, the most serious flare-up in factional fighting in two weeks.

At least one member of President Mahmoud Abbas’s Presidential Guard was wounded in what the force described as an attempt by Hamas to infiltrate a key position near Karni crossing.

Hamas officials confirmed the gun battle but said the Presidential Guard initiated the exchange.

In the last wave of infighting between Hamas and Fatah forces, at least 50 were killed and more than 200 injured. These clashes ended when the military wing of Hamas, the Al Qassam brigades, attacked Israeli targets with home made shells after Israeli war planes conducted a wave of targeted assassinations, killing 17 Hamas activists and 8 children.