The Israeli authorities have released around 50 detainees from the Gaza Strip, including Dr. Mohammad Abu Salmiya, the Director of the Shifa Medical Center in Gaza, showing clear signs of torture and abuse, after the army abducted them during the ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip, since October 7, 2023.

Faraj as-Sammouni, one of the released detainees, described the tragic and unbearable conditions and circumstances that detainees, especially those from Gaza, face in the Israeli occupation prisons and interrogation centers.

As-Sammouni recounted his own experience of being detained on November 16, 2023, from his home in the al-Qarara area, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Faraj was transferred to the Sde Teman detention center, where he was placed in a tent with 30 other detainees.

He also highlighted the various types of torture, abuse, and assaults that detainees are subjected to.

Lawyer Khaled Mahajna, who visited one of the detainees in Sde Teman prison, revealed the inhumane treatment of the detainees, including being shackled 24 hours a day, blindfolded, and subjected to amputations and bullet removals without anesthesia.

Dr. Mohammad Abu Salmiya, the Director of the Shifa Medical Center in Gaza, said after he was released from Israeli prisons after about 7 months in captivity, that the detainees are subject to very difficult conditions in Israel prisons, lacking food, and facing constant abuse and violations by the soldiers and the prison authorities.

Dr. Abu Salmiya added that many detainees, including abducted doctors and medical staff, have died due to torture in Israeli prisons, and added that the detainees are not provided even basic medical care, including painkilling pills.

He also said that Israeli doctors and nurses were also involved in the abuse and torture of the Palestinian detainees, the Maan News Agency has reported.

Maan quoted Dr. Abu Salmiya stating that each detainees lost at least 30 kilograms of his wight, and added he was sent to court three times but never faces any charges.

The Israeli occupation forces continue to refuse to disclose the number of detainees from Gaza and carry out enforced disappearance against them, an issue that makes it impossible to know exact numbers, especially the number of detainees who died in prison, including those who perished due to torture and medical neglect.

In a report, The Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission and the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) have reported a significant increase in the number of Palestinians who have been wounded by Israeli soldiers before abducting them since the start of the Israeli aggression on October 7, 2023.

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The statement also highlighted a serious increase in medical crimes committed against detainees from the Gaza Strip in the detention camps.

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Since October 7, 2023, the Israeli occupation forces have detained at least 9,450 civilians from the occupied West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, as well as thousands of citizens from Gaza and hundreds of Palestinians from the territory occupied in 1948.

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Reports also indicate an escalation in acts of torture, starvation, medical neglect, and forced disappearance against the detainees.