According to local sources, several Palestinian radio stations on the FM radio dial in the Gaza Strip have been jammed by Israeli military propaganda. The stations, which were affiliated with the Islamic Jihad and Hamas, have been replaced by recorded messages in Arabic broadcast from the nearby Israeli military bases. Some of the messages broadcast on the jammed signals include, “The army warns you of the consequences of cooperation with the "ravagers", and those who do so will be reached and punished. Hamas brings you only suffering. We promise that your suffering will come to an end, and you will feel soon that the Israeli army will deal with you better than Hamas did. You will soon see the strength of the Israeli army."

The broadcast aggression took place on the heels of an Israeli attack that resulted in the deaths of three Palestinians earlier on Wednesday.

In addition, the Israeli military broadcast encouraged the Palestinian population of Gaza to rise up and overthrow the democratically-elected government led by the Hamas party.