The Israeli Authorities barred on Friday international peace activists from entering the Palestinian territories as they tried to cross the Allenby Bridge between Jordan and the West Bank.Pertika Dublin, spokesperson of the Dutch delegate, representing several institutions from Holland and Switzerland, stated that the Israeli authorities interrogated the activists about the reasons of their visit and claimed that “they support outlawed institutions and factions”.

The peace supporters said that they were subjected to hostile treatment by the Israeli Authorities, and that they were threatened to be “apprehended” if they continue their activities in support of the Palestinian people.

The activists added that they represent solidarity committees that are legal and licensee in their countries and that their activities are in support to a comprehensive peace and the international legitimacy.

The delegates slammed the illegal Israeli practices and considered them as part of the illegal measures carried by Israel against the Palestinian people, especially the siege, the Wall and settlement activities in addition to land annexation.