Family of detainee Saleh Dar Mousa contacted the Nafha society, which defends the Rights of Palestinian Detainees and Human Rights, and appealed them to intervene to save the life of Saleh who is facing a sharply deteriorating health conditions in Israeli prisons.His brother, Mousa, said that Saleh was transferred to Al Ramla Prison Hospital, which lacks the basic medical equipment, and is currently facing s sharply deteriorating condition.

Mousa was kidnapped by the Israeli forces in June 2002, and was sentenced by an Israeli military court to 17 life-terms. He is married and a father to six children.

Prior to his arrest, Mousa was working as a teacher in Beit Liqya School, near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

He has been in solitary confinement since three years, and suffers from several chronic diseases, in addition to problems in his vision and back.

Lawyer of the Nafha Society stated that Mousa is currently in the prison hospital along with 50 other detainees, and called on Human Rights organization to intervene and save the lives of the detainees especially since prison hospitals and medical facilities lack the basic medical tools and equipment, and do not have specialized physicians.