On Tuesday a group of armed settlers and Israeli troops attacked Palestinian farmers and a journalist in Bili’n village located near the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

The farmers stated that they were working on their land located near the illegal Israeli wall that is being built by Israel on the village land when a group of armed settlers and Israeli soldiers attacked them and confiscated a tractor owned by the farmers.

Imad Burnat, a Palestinian journalist, was documenting the farmers working on their land when the settlers and soldiers arrived and attacked him and the farmers. Burnat said that soldiers took his tape and beat him up.

The village of Bili’n has been actively resisting the Israeli wall in weekly non-violent protests for the past three years. The International Court of Justice in 2004 deemed the Israeli wall to be illegal. In 2007 the Israeli High Court of Justice ruled that the Israeli army should stop building the wall on Bili’n land and remove it. The army has not yet adhered to the order.