The General League of Palestinian workers stated on Wednesday that at least 100 Palestinian workers from the West Bank were abducted by the Israeli Authorities in the first half of January, claiming that they did not have permission to enter Israel. The league confirmed that this policy of pursing and arresting Palestinian workers is part of the ongoing humiliation against the working classes.

Haydar Ibrahim, Secretary-General of the League reported that the Israeli army and police continued the campaign against the West Bank workers, even inside the Green Line while they are in their installations and centre’s.

In these campaigns scores of workers were kidnapped, among them 12 female workers who were accused of not having legal permission to enter Israel.

Ibrahim confirmed that large forces of the Israeli army participated in the invasion campaigns where the abducted workers were transferred to the Israeli courts who issued sentences ranging between three months in prison and heavy fines. Ten workers were transferred to al Jalama detention centre for investigation, ten women were sentenced to a fine of three thousand shekels and it was reported that many of the workers had been assaulted.

Translated by Nisreen Qumsieh – IMEMC News.