The Arab member of the Israeli parliament Ibraheem Abdullh stated on Thursday that there is no comparison between the vicious Israeli army attacks and the amount of killing and destruction they cause, with the Palestinian resistance attacks on northern Israeli towns.

Abdullh added that it is time for Israeli leaders to take courageous steps and stop its military machine from violently attacking the Palestinian population in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. The Arab MP also included in his statement that since Israel always starts to attack Palestinians it should be the first one to announce a truce.

Commenting on the resignation statement of the Israeli planning minister, Avder Lieberman, Abdullh said that ‘Lieberman is a racist, Russian refugee on Palestinian land. He is a fascist and a racist and it is not worth wasting time responding to him.’

Lieberman, the leader of the Israeli right wing Israel Betouno (Israel our home), handed in his resignation from the Israeli government on Wednesday. Lieberman stated that his resignation comes as a protest at the ongoing peace talks with the Palestinians, and his political group is not willing to give up anything to the Palestinians, adding that if Israel gives a state to the Palestinians the Palestinian population living in Israel would demand Palestinian citizenship but would still continue to benefit from the Israeli welfare system.

Lieberman concluded his statement by saying that Israel must be a Jewish state and if the Palestinians living inside Israel don’t like that, they can leave.

Translated by: Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC News Room