The Israeli Police arrested on Tuesday, Hatim Abdul-Qader, the advisor of president Mahmoud Abbas for Jerusalem Affairs, and interrogated him in Al Maskobiyya Israeli prison in Jerusalem after he participated in a protest held by Fateh movement against the Israeli siege over the Gaza Strip and latest Israeli violation of cutting power supply over the coastal region. Local sources reported hat Abdul-Qader received on Wednesday at 4:30 P.M a phone call from an Israeli security officer ordering to head to Al Maskobiyya Interrogation facility in Jerusalem. Upon arrival, he was immediately arrested and the Israeli police did not comment on the arrest.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Arab resident of Israel protested near the Erez crossing, leading to Gaza, against the ongoing Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

The protesters described the siege as a war crime as dozens of civilians died due to lack of medical supply while the area is now without fuels, medicine, and electricity.

 Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that Arab members of Knesset Dr. Ahmad Tibi from the Hadah Party, and Wasil Taha from the Balad party, participated in the protest and attempted to send a truckload of food and medical supplies into Gaza.

Haaretz added that hundreds of right wing Israelis carried a counter protest while National Union Party member of Knesset, Effi Eitam, described Tibi as a traitor and said that “Tibi and his family should move to Gaza”.

 Eitam also described Tibi as a “coward” and called him “Dr. Blood”, Haaretz reported.

 Commenting on the statement of Eitam, Dr. Tibi said that these statements are “unpardonable” and that the Israeli assaults in the Gaza Strip are “immoral and criminal”.

It is worth mentioning that the United Nations Security Council has called for an emergency session on Tuesday to respond to the heightening crisis in the Gaza Strip.