Palestinian sources reported that the Israeli army conducted several pre-dawn invasions that targeted Palestinian cities and villages located in the northern and central parts of the West Bank and kidnapped eight Palestinians on Wednesday.

Two civilians were kidnapped when the Israeli army attacked and searched homes in Al Amari refugee camp and the village of Ein Ereek, both located near the central West Bank city of Ramallah. Witnesses to the two attacks said that troops searched and ransacked homes then took the two men to unknown locations; the two men were identified as Mohamed Awad, 23, from Ein Ereek village, and Dia’ Jabber, 18, from Al Amari refugee camp.

Meanwhile five Palestinian civilians were kidnapped when Israeli troops invaded the villages of Zbuba and Seliat Al Harthia located near the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Fadi Jaradat, 25, and his brother Mohamed, 24, were kidnapped after troops searched their family home located in Zbuba village. While Khaled Jaradat, 19, and Suhel Shawahnah, and another unknown civilian were taken when Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Seliat Al Harthia, witnesses said that troops opened fire randomly at residents homes, the invading forces searched homes before taking the three men and leaving the village.

In Qalqilia city, located in the northern part of the West Bank Israeli troops stormed the city centre surrounded the house of Mohamed Thiab, after searching the house troops took Thiab and left, eyewitnesses reported.