Fuad Al Khafsh, a Palestinian researcher and specialist in detainee’s affairs, stated on Wednesday that the Israeli Knesset approved in preliminary reading a new law which will give the Israeli Minister of Interior full authority to bar thousands of Palestinian families from visiting their family members imprisoned by Israel.Al Khafsh added that the law allows the Minister of Interior to bar visitations to families of detainees who are members of movements that Israel describes as “terrorist”, and stated that this law violates the basic principles of human rights and the international law.

He stated that Wednesday’s preliminary approval of the new law which was presented by member of Knesset Arieh Eldad,  from the Mifdal extremist right-wing party, proves that Israel is clearly acting in order to increase the siege and violations against the Palestinian people, especially the detainees are their families.

Al Khafsh also said that article number 116 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly states that civilians should be protected in the time of war, and that every detainee should be allowed to have visitations especially from his direct relatives.

He added that there are hundreds of detainees who are not allowed to have any visitations even before this new law was submitted, and said that if this new law passes, thousands of families we be barred from visiting their detained family members.