In a joint statement issued on Thursday by all the participants in the Palestinian National Conference for Palestinian National Rights said that this conference is to bring unity to the Palestinian people and enforce the Palestinians rights.

The conference that is taking place in Syrian capital of Damascus was organized by the Hamas movement from the 23rd to 25th January 2008.

On Wednesday the conference was opened by speeches that were delivered by the Hamas movements Syrian and Lebanese officials.

There are 900 participants in the conference representing different Palestinian political factions, and Palestinian refugee officials.

So far, the conference has set out two main work frames; one is enforcing the right of return for the Palestinian refugees, along with the right of resistance. The second frame work is restoring the Palestinian national unity.

The Fatah movement which did not attend the conference said that this conference is deepening the Palestinian internal division, an accusation that was denied by the organizers of the conference.

In addition to Fatah, The Palestinian Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine did not participate in this conference.