The villagers of Bil’in, located near Ramallah city in the central part of the West Bank, along with their international and Israeli supporters conducted their weekly nonviolent protest against the illegal Israeli wall on Friday.
The main theme of this week’s demonstration was the Israeli siege on Gaza. The protesters carried signs with ‘Gaza on my Heart’ and’ End the Siege of Gaza’ written on them.

As is the case each week, the protest started after the Friday prayers, participants marched from the village center towards the construction site of the Wall being illegally built on the village land. Israeli troops installed a military barrier along the way and as soon as the protesters reached it, the Israeli troops showered the demonstration with tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets.

Eight civilians were injured; among them two international supporters. In addition, the Israeli troops kidnapped four protesters, three Palestinians and one American after attacking them with rifle butts and batons.