Israeli forces assassinated two leaders and injured one of the al Quds brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, in a special Israeli operation in the Qabatiya town, south of Jenin in the early hours of Monday morning. It is has been reported that the Qabatiya residents’ Ahmad Abu al Rab, 31 and Ammar Zakarna, 23 were assassinated early Monday morning when special forces of the Israeli army ambushed Qabatiya town and invaded several civilian homes, where they set up positions on their rooftops, residents reported that they army randomly rained the area with heavy gunfire.

According to eyewitnesses the Special Forces ambushed a group of al Quds brigades in one of Qabatiya neighborhoods and rained them with fire, injuring Abu al Rab and Zakarna and a third one with several rounds in his hand and stomach.

They added that Israeli army forces invaded the town after the operation to support the Special Forces. The reinforcements reached the two injured leaders in the area of the operation and according to the Islamic Jihad they refused to give them treatment.

Medics in Qabatiya reported that Israeli forces detained the ambulance and the medical crew for more than two hours, preventing them from reaching the area. Later when they were allowed access to them, the medics found a huge amount of blood and both were dead.

Medical sources reported that the assassinated Palestinians were shot with several rounds of ammunition in separate parts of their bodies from a close distance.

One injured Palestinian was transferred to the hospital for receiving treatment as he received moderate injuries.

Translated by Nisreen Qumsieh – IMEMC News.