The Israeli Prison Authorities continues its violations against the Palestinian political detainees and continued to bar several sick detainees from their right to medical treatment, in addition to barring dozens of detainees from their visitation rights.The Palestinian Detainees Committee reported that the Israeli Prison Authorities barred a medical committee from visiting Jamal Abdul-Salam Abu Al Haija, from the Jenin refugee camp, and one of the leaders of Hamas.

Abu Al Haija, sentenced to nine life-terms and twenty years, is in need for several surgeries and ongoing medical treatment. He was placed in solitary confinement in Ayalon Israeli prison,  five years ago.

A specialized medical committee tried to visit him in order to conduct the needed medical checkups and prescribe the needed medications but the Prison Administration rejected the Committee’s request to see Abu Al Haija.

Meanwhile, the family of detainee Zeidan Mohammad Sa’id, 22, from the northern West Bank city of Jenin expressed deep concern regarding the health condition of their detained son as he suffered from injuries in his stomach, intestines and legs. He sustained these injuries as he was attempting to carry a suicide bombing in Megiddo Junction in Israel six years ago.  

The family of detainee Hussein Abu Omar Na’isa, from the Jenin refugee camp, also expressed deep concern regarding his health condition as he suffers from stomach issues which are barring him from eating.

Na’isa was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for membership with the Islamic Jihad Movement.  His family tried to send physician on their own expense to examine their son but the prison administration rejected this request.

Moreover, the family of detainee Yousef Mohammad Al Sa’id, from Jenin, said that their son is barred from his visitation right, and that he is currently in Gilboa’ Israel prison after being sentenced to 17 years imprisonment.

The family voiced an appeal to the Red Cross and several human rights groups to intervene and allow them to visit their detained son.