The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) called for launching a comprehensive national campaign in order to save the Palestinian Plaines areas, in the Jordan Valley, from the ongoing Israeli settlement expansion and annexation which aim at removing the residents from their lands. The Jordan Valley areas are known as the Fruit Basket of Palestine as they used to provide the Palestinians with fresh fruits and vegetables planted by the residents there. But Israel escalated its settlement activities in the area and isolated it from the rest of the occupied West Bank.

Bassam Muslimani, member of the Central Committee of the DFLP, stated that the Israeli occupation bulldozed farmlands and residential areas used by Bedouin families in addition to destroying dozens of building and constructions in order to force the residents out and construct settlements in the area.

Al Muslimani added that this plan is similar to the Israeli plan which Israel started implementing in the Arab towns around Jerusalem and in the Arab city itself.

“These acts are targeting the Palestinian economy, and the future Palestinian state, as they are barring any possibility for a geographical contiguity between all Palestinian areas”, Al Muslimani stated, “the Plains areas are the fruit basket of Palestine, they also have water resources which extend to two-thirds of the occupied territories”.

He called on the Palestinian government, and its Prime Minister Dr. Salaam Fayyad, to implement an emergency plan to save the area and its residents as they face ongoing settlement expansion and annexation.

He also called on all Palestinian factions and institutions to launch an extensive national campaign to counter the Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands and settlement as Israel continues isolating these areas.