Palestinian legislator Mohammad Al Ghool, from the Hamas movement and head of the Legal Committee at the Palestinian Legislative Council, dominated by Hamas, demanded on Saturday president Mahmoud Abbas to resign “in order to maintain the unity of the Arab and Islamic worlds”.Al Ghoul said that Abbas called for normalization with Israel during a meeting with European delegates, and that these statements will give Israel a historic opportunity to have normal relations with 57 Arab countries.

Meanwhile, in an Interview with the Al Ayyam Arabic newspaper, based in Qatar, head of the Hamas political bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouq, said that Hamas will resort to suicide bombings at any suitable time based on the conditions on the ground and added that Israel cannot break the spirit of the resistance, according to Marzouq.

Responding to a question whether the Palestinians will break through the Israeli and Jordanian borers as the issue with the Egypt border, Abu Marzouq said that all options are open if the Palestinians are left without other alternatives to break the siege.