Spokesperson of the ruling Hamas movement in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, considered Sunday that any session of the Palestinian national council (PNC) is illegal for preempting the Cairo agreement on preparations for a new secretariat general of the PNC.
Speaking to reporters in Gaza, Abu Zuhri maintained that the current bodies of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), of which Hamas is not a member, do not have the authorization to discuss latest developments in Palestine.

Palestinian parties, involving Hamas and the rival major Fatah party, agreed in Cairo in 2006 to lay the foundations for a new Palestinian national council, in light of the 2006’s parliamentary elections that Hamas won overwhelmingly.

Since taking power, Hamas has been demanding a reform of the PLO , of which the Palestinian National Council is an organ, in accordance with the reelections’ results.

Hamas has been engaged in a power struggle with Fatah after December2006, when Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah called for early elections, to put an end to an internationally-imposed economic embargo, which came into effect following Hamas’s victory.

The PNC has recently invited parties concerned to convene in Damascus to discuss latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories, including Israeli attacks and Hamas-Fatah power struggle.

PLO, which includes 10 other Palestinian factions, signed in 1993 the Oslo peace accords with Israel, in which PLO exchanged recognition with the Hebrew state. The
Islamist Hamas opposes such agreements and calls instead for a long-term truce with Israel.