Israeli sources have revealed that a soldier of the Israeli army was stabbed by a Palestinian man from Jab’a village, south of Jenin, on Tuesday night.

Sources claimed the perpetrator to be a member of the Islamic Jihad movement, and was captured directly after the incident.

The Palestinian man was reportedly holding a knife when he arrived at an established Israeli checkpoint at the village entrance. A military spokesperson stated that the unidentified man then stabbed a soldier, causing him minor injuries. The army confirmed that they had detained the man in custody and indicated their belief of his membership of the Islamic Jihad movement.

In the wake of the operation, the army closed the area and several Israeli army units patrolled the area, carrying out widespread invasions, ransacking family homes during the operation.

On Wednesday, the district of Jenin is still undergoing a tight blockade imposed by the Israeli military for the fifth consecutive day. Troops have also constructed dirt barrier roadblocks at the entrance to the village of Jab’a.

The construction of dirt barriers involves excavating the road on either side of the barrier, to provide a massive pile of earth and concrete between two ditches. The excavation often threatens underground power and communication cables, as well as essential water and sanitation pipes. In 2002, several water pipes were damaged during the Israeli military siege on Jenin, leading to an outbreak of cholera.

Israeli authorities stated that the blockade had been imposed on the village after receiving several notifications of the intention of some Palestinian factions to carry out military operations in Israel.

Translated by Nisreen Qumsieh – IMEMC News.