The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC),  dominated by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), issued a statement denouncing the Tuesday night  assassination of Imad Mughaniya, deputy leader of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party, in the Syrian capital Damascus.Al Mughaniya was killed by a bomb which ripped his vehicle in a neighborhood in Damascus.

The PLC said that this attack is “another Zionist crime against all Arab and Muslim fighters, and is considered a new proof that Israel is persistent to continue its violations to the basic principles of Human rights, and continues to violate the sovereignty of the Arab states”.   

The PLC called on the Arab and Islamic states to expose the Israeli violations against the Palestinian People and the Arab countries, and added that all Arabs and Muslims must now stand united to counter the “ongoing Zionist attacks”.

Imad Mughaniya, known as Hajj Radwan, is one of the main leaders of Hezbollah and is believed to be responsible for external operations carried by the party. He was born in December 7, 1962, and joined Hezbollah in 1983.

He lived undercover as he was wanted by 42 states and was chased by the Interpol as it is believed that he participated in an attack against a Jewish center in Argentina in 1994. The attack left 85 killed and 300 injured.  

Israel claims that Mughaniya is also involved in abducting two Israeli soldiers in 2006.

Meanwhile, foreign media agencies accused Al Mughaniya of hijackings and bombing the US Embassy in Beirut in 1983, while Washington accuses him of abducting a senior CIA official in Beirut in 1984.  

in June 1984, Fayiz, the brother of Imad and a member of the Islamic Resistance, was killed in an Israeli shelling in Lebanon.

 He was attempting to evacuate members of a wounded family after the Israeli army bombed his house and when the air force fired another missile at the area, he was killed in the second blast.

In December 21, 1994, Fuad Mughaniya, the other brother of Imad was killed in a car blast in Beirut.