The European Commission stated that it held consultation with representative from 55 organizations to discuss a new EU funding channel which aims at reducing poverty an building Palestinian civil Society institutions.  In its statement, the EU said that the fist call for proposals of its funding program will be issued in the coming weeks.

 On Wednesday February 13, representative of 55 Palestinian and International organizations attended a workshop in the West Bank city of Ramallah in order to set the objectives of the program.

 One of the main objectives of the program is to reduce poverty by implementing sustainable development, it also aims to provide services and resources to the residents who are excluded from the policy making process.

 The EU statement added that the new program replaces an earlier funding program which was known as NGO co-financing and that it will offer innovations which will allow nongovernmental organizations and local Palestinian organizations to apply directly to the program without the need for a European partner.

 Also, the EU said that a call for proposal will be launched in approximately 10 days and will be posted on the website of the EU delegation in Jerusalem. The European Commission Technical Assistance Office: