Israeli media sources reported Tuesday that a Palestinian homemade shell landed in an Israeli poultry in the southern Israeli settlement of Ashkelon beach, causing a great deal of damage.The Mojahideen Brigades, a Gaza-based resistance group, claimed responsibility for firing a homemade shell onto the Ashkelon town, which Palestinians call Asqalan, on Tuesday morning.

In a statement, faxed to press, the Mojahideen brigades said that this homemade shell fire was a retaliation to the continued Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Israel has placed Gaza under a strict closure of border crossings since June of last year, causing Gaza’s economy to sink in deep recession, with more than 90 percent of local industries closed, leaving 7000 local laborers jobless, according to the Palestinian economy ministry.

In addition, the Israeli army has killed over the past three months more than 250 Palestinians, including dozens of civilians. Israel says its actions on Gaza are aimed at stopping homemade shells fire from the Hamas-ruled coastal territory onto nearby Israeli towns.