The Islamic Jihad group in Gaza slammed Tuesday two Gaza-based human rights groups over reports on the latest bombing of a residential building in the central Gaza Strip refugee camp of aL-Buraij.

‘ what has been reported by the aL-Mizan center and the human rights center over the latest Israeli massacre in aL-Buraij camp, is totally untrue’, Abu Ahmad, spokesman of the Saraya aL-Quds, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, said in a statement, faxed to press.

Abu Ahmad attacked the two human rights groups by saying that their recent reports aimed at pressuring the Palestinian resistance with every possible means, alleging that all indications stress that the bombing of aL-Buraij’s house was done by the Israeli occupation.

In their reports, both human groups called for opening an investigation to the circumstances of the bombing, casting doubts over Palestinian claims that the house was shelled by the Israeli army warplanes.

‘ there has been no solid evidence that the bombing occured as a result of a missile attack by the Israeli warplanes, but it can be rather attributed to an internal explosion, according to other related evidences and eyewitnesses’, the reports revealed.

Abu Ahmad went onto saying ‘ the house of al-Fayed was shelled by a land-to-land Israeli missile, whose remnants are now kept with the Saray aL-Quds brigades.

‘The high number of casualties out of such a shelling as well as the injuries outside the shelled house indicate that the hosue was shelled by an Israeli missile’, he believed.

He also demanded the two groups to apologize for the families of the victims and retreat what he termed ‘ a story that only serves the occupation’s fabrication’.

‘ The above-mentioned groups are not technically qualified enough to reach such a conclusion on the Zionist crimes’, Abu Ahmad maintained.

Last Friday, a large blast occurred in a house in one of the neighborhoods of the aL-Buraij refugee camp in central Gaza, causing the death of the Saray leader, Ayman Fayed and seven others including Fayed’s own children.

Israeli army spokesperson, denied any responsibility for the said bombing as many Palestinian groups held Israel responsibility and vowed to avenge the killings.