Bodies of two Palestinian fighters who carried out a bombing attack in Israel last month, were reportedly extradited to the Palestinian side on Wednesday. Mohammad aL-Herbawi and Shadi al-Zaghir, of the West Bank city of Hebron, carried out last month a suicide bombing attack in a mall inside the southern Israeli town of Dimona, in which one woman was killed and 11others were wounded.

The Islamic Hamas movement, which holds a sway in Gaza, had claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the two fighters were sent out by the group to carry out the bombing.

One of the killed was shot dead by an Israeli police personnel on the spot, as the other managed to blow himself up in the Dimona mall.

Shadi, 20, used to work for a plastic factory in Hebron, while Mohammad, 20, used to work for a paper factory in the same city, according to their parents.

Hamas, which will hold a joint funeral procession for its men, had claimed the resumption of ‘martyrdom operations’, was a natural response to the Israeli ‘occupation crimes’ against the Palestinian people.

The last month’s suicide resistance attack was the first in more than a year, after the Islamist group of Hamas carried a similar larger bombing in the Israeli city of Natanya on January 2007.