Hamas media sources reported on Friday that Sheikh Mohammad Abdul-Aziz Al Barghouthi, 42, the Imam of Kobar mosque near Ramallah, died in a Palestinian interrogation facility due to extreme torture.One of the relatives of Barghouthi stated that the Sheikh was moved to a hospital on Thursday evening and died at the hospital on Friday evening.

The relative added that marks of torture and burn were clearly apparent on the body of Barghouthi.

 Barghouthi was arrested by the Palestinian security forces last week and was under interrogation since then.   

Also, Hamas stated on Friday that Palestinian security forces in the West Bank continued their arrest campaign against Hamas members and supporters and arrested on Thursday four members of the movement in the West Bank cities of Ramallah and Tulkarem.

The Palestinian Security Services expressed sorrow over the death of Barghouthi and stated that autopsy revealed that the causes of his death are natural. The Security Services added that Barghouthi was moved to Khalid Hospital in Ramallah and after his death, the body was moved to an autopsy center near Jerusalem, and that the autopsy revealed that the causes of death are related to a heart disease. The Palestinian general-prosecutor is slated to release the report of the autopsy center.