The Acting head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Dr. Ahmad Bahar, from the Hamas party, issued on Friday a press release welcoming the a statement by the European Union calling for lifting the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. Dr. Bahar added that the PLC appreciates the EU position against the ongoing Israeli assaults and siege against the Palestinians people and added that dozens of patients died as a result of the siege as Gaza hospitals ran out of medical supplies and the patients who are seriously sick and need medical treatment abroad are barred from leaving the Gaza Strip.

He also said that the Palestinians expect an actual implementation of the EU declaration as soon as possible as more than 1.5 million Palestinians are living under this siege which is suffocating them and inflicting slow death on the civilians.

Dr. Bahar also called on the EU to demand imposing sanctions on Israel if its continues to ignore their calls to stop the acts of collective punishment against the residents in Gaza.

The PLC welcomed all calls for actions of protest on Saturday in several European countries in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.