The Palestinian Child Arts Center issued an urgent press release appealing international human rights groups and organizations specialized in the rights of children to intervene and protect the Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip as they face a real humanitarian disaster.The Center stated that what is happening in Gaza is a grave violation to the rights of the children and to all Children Rights Conventions.

 The Center called for immediate protection for the residents in the Gaza Strip, especially the children “as they are being killed and injured while all want they want is to live as they love life and want to live as any child in this world does”.

The statement of the center came after the Israeli army killed 27 residents, including several children, in less than 48 hours. On Thursday afternoon four Palestinian children were killed and one was critically injured when Israeli jet fighters shot several missiles at civilians in Jabalia town, located in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday afternoon. Medical sources identified the four as, Mohamed Hamudah, 7, Ali Dardonah, 8, Omer Dardonah, 14, and his brother Deib, 11.