The Al Mezan Center For Human Rights issued a report stating that the Israeli army killed in its recent military escalation against the Gaza Strip 107 residents, including 55 civilians, 27 children and six women in the period between February 27 and March 3.The Center added that at last 200 residents were injured, among them 46 children and eight women.

Also, the Center reported that the Israeli army killed 236 Palestinians, including 37 children and sixteen women since the beginning of the year.

The army totally demolished four homes, two industrial buildings, one trade building and shelled 78 houses, 13 industrial buildings and 11 trade buildings.

The Center said that the Israeli attacks come in direct violation to the international law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions which calls for protecting the civilians in the time of war, and added that the Israel is using organized attacks with excessive use of force against the residents which causes large number of civilians casualties, including children. 

The Center also added that the army is deliberately targeting public constructions, vehicles, lands and other civilians facilities including power generators and water pipelines which is a direct violation to the international law.

The Center reported that these attacks do not differentiate between women, children, civilian facilities and constructions, and that the army used artillery shells, tanks, war jets and missiles in shelling civilians area.