Thousands of residents of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, held a massive protest on Monday evening against the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip and calling for unity among the Palestinians and all factions.The protesters carried Palestinian flags and flags representing different factions. They chanted for resistance and unity against the Israeli military assaults against the Palestinian people.

Representatives of different factions delivered speeches during the protest and called for internal dialogue between the factions, in addition to calling for supporting the resistance.

Younis Al Astal, a Hamas legislator and one of the leaders of the movement in Khan Younis, said that leaders of the factions are always among their people in the battle field and that “they, their sons, grandsons, and brothers are all in the battle field along with their people in order to counter the Israeli aggressions”.

Darweesh Al Gharabily, one of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad in Khan Younis, said that the homemade shells fired by resistance factions forced thousands of Israelis to leave Sderot, and added that the resistance will not stop the firing of homemade shells as long as Israel is ongoing with its aggression.

Abu Mojahid, media spokesperson of the Salah Ed Deen Brigades, said that the homemade shells proved the failure of the Israeli security systems and that the fighters were firing shells while the Israeli war jets were shelling Gaza.

One of the leaders of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, stated that the fighters achieved victory in the northern part of the Gaza Strip in spite the fact that the Israeli army used tanks and warplanes in addition to infantry units.

The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a press released on Monday stating that the Israeli army killed 107 residents, including 55 civilians, 27 children and six women, and injured more than 200 residents, including 46 children, in the period between February 27 and March 3.