The Trade Union of Palestinian Journalists organized in Bethlehem a sit-in on Wednesday morning to protest at the kidnapping of a Palestinian journalist from Bethlehem on Monday by the Israeli army.The protest was attended by a number of local Bethlehem based journalists in addition to the head of the trade union, and a number of Palestinian officials.

Mr. Naeem Tubassi, head of the trade union slammed the kidnapping of Abdul-Jawad and all kinds of assaults against journalists including invading some radio and TV stations in the West Bank, describing it as a violation of the freedom of expression and the fourth Geneva convention.

The journalists carried signs and banners condemning the kidnapping of Abdul-Jawad and demanding his immediate release. The protest was held at the square of the Church of the Nativity.

On Monday, Israeli troops broke into the home of Abdul-Jawad and took him to an undisclosed location, there are now 7 Palestinian journalists in Israeli jails.