The Palestine Liberation Organization – PLO, international relations department issued a report on Wednesday stating that the Israeli army has killed 274 Palestinians including 50 children and 18 women since the beginning of 2008. <p>Killings:</p>,p> The report stated that among the 50 children killed two were infants, 1 just 20 days old and the other seven months old. In addition among the 274 killed one was a mentally challenged Palestinian gunned down by Israeli troops manning a checkpoint in the West Bank. The Israeli three day operation targeting Gaza two weeks ago, "Hot Winter", shows that the Israeli army committed war crimes when carrying out shelling on civilian areas and targeting aid workers. "Hot Winters" ground and air assault left 125 Palestinian killed of whom 95 were civilians. In addition 200 Palestinians were injured in the attack the majority civilians. Injuries The International Relations Department, stated in its report, that since the beginning of 2008 until the Wednesday March 12th 2008, the number of Palestinians injured by Israeli army fire in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank now stands at 979, 35 of whom have been left permanent disabled. Siege 27 Palestinian civilians with chronic illnesses died due to the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza, the report added. While another five Palestinian patients died on military checkpoints in the West Bank. The Gaza Strip has been under complete Israeli total since June 2007. <p>Kidnappings</p> <p>Regarding the Israeli ongoing kidnapping of Palestinians, the report shows that Israeli troops have kidnapped 1500 Palestinians among them children. One Palestinian political detainee died due to the medical neglect of his illness whilst in custody.</p><p> Land confiscation and settlements,/p> <p>1500 Dunoms of Palestinian-owned land in Jerusalem city (one acre = 4 Dumoms) were taken by the Israeli government to construct Jewish only settlements, which are illegal under international law. In addition the report said that the Israeli government has started to build 1100 news housing-units in Jewish settlements in and around the city of Jerusalem. Israeli occupied Jerusalem in 1967. The report also shows that the Israeli army has confiscated 1500 Dunoms of Palestinian owned land to build the illegal Israeli wall. The international court of Justice had deemed the wall illegal and said that should be removed in 2005.</p>