Palestinian Prime Minister of the disposed government in Gaza, Ismael Haniyeh, stated on Wednesday that the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip has failed, and that the Hamas movement, the ruling party in Gaza, is not striving after a truce or calm with the occupation.The statements of Haniyya came during a speech at the Islamic University in Gaza City, the Hamas-run Palestine-Info news website reported.


Haniyeh said that any calm with Israel should be mutual, simultaneous and comprehensive and should be in the best interests of the Palestinians.

The Hamas official pointed out that talks are currently being held with all Palestinian factions to discuss the issue of a truce in Gaza.

Haniyeh also slammed statements made by several Palestinian Authority leaders in the West Bank, and stated that those leaders claimed that Hamas wants a truce in order to protect its leaders, and considered these statements as “an insult to the victory of the Palestinians people facing the Israeli aggression”.

He further said that Israel carried out its military offensive in the Gaza Strip after the siege imposed by it and several other countries “failed to to break the democratically elected government, and its people”.

Haniyeh added that Israel is currently acting against resistance fighters in the occupied West Bank, and is carrying out these acts to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority in order to force the fighters to hand over their weapons or else they would be arrested or assassinated.