Taher Al Nunu, spokesperson of the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip, slammed the Wednesday Israeli military attacks which left five Palestinians dead, and stated that Israel is to be held responsible for further deterioration in the situation.He said that his government sends its condolences to the families of the slain residents, and considers this attack as “a natural outcome of the security coordination between security forces loyal to president Abbas, and the Israeli security”.

Al Nunu stated that Israel is targeting the resistance in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip while the government in the West Bank is trying to disarm the resistance”.

Furthermore, Al Nunu said that these attacks and crimes came in a time of calm in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip “which proves that Israel is not interested in ceasefire”.

“Resistance in the West Bank does not fire homemade shells”, he added, “yet, some leaders are giving Israel reasons and justification to target the fighters and residents”.

The Hamas-led government held Israel fully responsible for any retaliation to this assassinations in the West Bank.

The Palestinian Legislative Council, dominated by Hamas, slammed the Israeli assaults, and stated that Israel is not interested in any truce with the Palestinians.

Hamas movement said that “the execution of four fighters in Bethlehem on Wednesday evening will not pass without retaliation”, and that no talks on truce could be help “while the Israeli occupation is committing daily crimes against the Palestinians”.