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In the West Bank 1 Palestinian injured while Israeli troops kidnap 13.
In Gaza, Palestinian resistance shell nearby Israeli areas, these stories and more coming up stay tuned

The News Cast

The Al Quds brigade, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad issued a press statement saying they fired 15 home-made Qassam shells from Gaza at nearby Israeli territory on Wednesday night and Thursday dawn.

The brigade said that the firing of home-made shells was in response to the Israeli assassination of five resistance fighters in the West Bank on Wednesday.

Under-cover Israeli troops killed four Palestinian resistance fighters on Wednesday night in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, three of whom were from Islamic Jihad.

In Gaza unknown gunmen attacked and destroyed an internet coffee shop located in down town Gaza city on Thursday morning. Witnesses said that gunmen broke into the Al Jazzera Coffee shop, and then planted a home made bomb. The front door, windows computers were all destroyed.

Palestinian sources reported that one civilian was injured in the West Bank city of Jericho on Thursday. Soliyman Abu Dahok, 34, was injured after a land-mine left by the Israeli army exploded near him. Medical sources said that the man sustained moderate wounds to his legs he was moved to the local hospital in Jericho city.

In the northern part of the West Bank, the Israeli army invaded Nablus city and nearby refugee camps, they kidnapped 13 Palestinian civilians on Thursday at dawn. Local sources said that the soldiers searched and ransacked homes in Nablus city, the nearby Al Ein refugee camp and Askar refugee camp. Troops left at around 8:00 am and took with them 13 civilians to unknown locations.


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