Fahmi Zaareer, spokesperson of Fateh movement, slammed the assassination of four fighters on Wednesday in the West Bank city of Bethlehem and held the Israeli government responsible for any further deterioration in the situation.Zaareer stated that the occupation was not, and is not, interested in a truce in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and added that the assassination of the four fighters in Bethlehem reveals the true nature of the Israeli intensions.

He added that this crime targets every Palestinian and targets all efforts to restore calm. He explained that the four fighters who were assassinated were “pardoned by Israel” and were committed to the truce, yet the army continued to target them and several other fighters.

Zaareer also said that the Israeli occupation is acting in order to weaken the position of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank by continuing the assassinations and attacks against the Palestinians.

He accused Israel of acting in order to avoid implementing any of its commitments to the peace deals and said that Israel is always attempting to impose its conditions and terms.   

Commenting in recent news that Israel is holding informal talks with Hamas in an attempt to achieve a truce in the Gaza Strip, Zaareer said that this is part of the Israeli attempts to widen the gap among Fateh and Hamas and falls under the ongoing attempts to weaken the Palestinian Authority.