The Israeli medical delegation affiliated with the international organization Physicians Without Borders affirmed on Saturday that the health situation in Gaza is severely deteriorated due to continuation of the siege imposed by Israel over the past eight months.In a press conference, Dr Salah al Haj Yahya, head of the delegation of medics, stated that " there is a great shortage of medical supplies in the hospitals of the Strip because of the blockade that violates International and Humanitarian law."

He added that "the organization will work through the Israeli courts and the international organizations that are involved to pressure Israel to allow access of the aid to the Gaza Strip."  He stated that a shipping container carrying medical supplies will enter Gaza on Sunday and added that what is being transferred into the coastal region is not enough to reverse the  dire health situation there.

He demanded that the International Community and the Human Rights organizations speed up work to force Israel to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza and to end all attacks against the civilians.