Dozens of Arab and Israeli students of different leftist parties in Haifa University protested against a visit conducted by Avigdor Lieberman to the university campus on Wednesday. One Arab student was injured after extremist right wingers attacks the protesters. Lieberman is the head of Israel Our Home “Yisrael Betenu” extremist right wing party in Israel, and is well known for his repeated calls for expelling the Arabs and Palestinians from the country.  

The protesters attempted to bar Lieberman from entering a lecture hall where he spoke to his supporters about the “Middle East issue”.

During the visit, several Jewish students, supporters of Lieberman, attacked the Arab and Jewish protesters and one Arab student, identified as Rabee’ Al Zghayyar, was injured.

The Israeli police then arrived at the scene and did not conduct any arrests, yet the policemen defended the extremist right wingers.

Secretary of the Students Front, Bishara Abboud, stated that this visit is unaccepted especially since Lieberman considers the Arabs as a “strategic and demographic threat to Israel”.

Abboud added that Lieberman always utters “fascist statements against the Arabs and the Palestinians”, and that these statements encourage extremists to attack the Arabs.

It is worth mentioning that 25% of the students in Haifa University are Arabs.