Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday that the Israeli army instructed troops deployed at the Gaza-Israel borders to do whatever it takes in order to foil any abduction attempts of Israeli soldiers, even if that leads to causing harm to the abducted troopers.

The Israeli Radio announced on Thursday that Israeli reserve troops were instructed during the briefing before the last operation in the Gaza strip to fire at the fighters abducting the soldiers even if that means endangering the life of the abducted soldiers.

The commander who informed the reserve troops of the new orders said that if that procedure was done during the abduction of the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, Palestinian fighters would not have managed to abduct him.

Shalit was abducted by thee Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza two years ago during an attack that targeted an army post on the border area in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

In response to media reports, Israel stated that its military command will not reveal its army tactics and procedures to the media.

However, Israeli army sources told the Israeli radio that soldiers are ordered to engage in gunfire with the attackers in case of abductions.