Israeli media sources reported Thursday that Egypt and Israel have recently agreed to Egypt, providing the Gaza Strip with power supply.
According to the Israeli online daily ‘Haaretz’, both parties have agreed that Egypt will initially provide Gaza with current from the Egyptian town of aL-Arish, the closest destination to Gaza.

The initial supply will be worthy of $32 million dollars, within a period of two years, Haaretz reported.

The Israeli daily added that such an agreement will not mean halt of the Israeli supply of power to the Gaza Strip.

Currently, Egypt provides the southern parts of Gaza with about 5 megawatt of electricity, filling in a part of the vacuum, left due to frequent power cuts in the coastal region.

Since October of last year, Israel has been limiting entry of shipments of fuel, needed for generating electricity.

The Gaza Strip’s power supply is being provided by both Israel and the Gaza’s sole power plant, which generates 45 percent of current for Gaza’s 1.5 million residents