Five Palestinian factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization including ‘the Palestinian Arab Front, Palestinian Liberation Front, Popular struggle Front and Palestinian Democratic Union (Feda)’, had welcomed on Thursday the Yemeni initiative of national reconciliation and talks between Fateh and Hamas movements.The factions considered it as a chance to end the Palestinian internal conflict and to restore the national unity among the Palestinians and their factions.

In a press conference that was held on Thursday in Gaza city, representatives of the five factions affirmed that Hamas should relinquish power over the Gaza Strip, and should resort to the people’s choice through the democratic process once again as a way to end the current crises.

They added that the national dialogue should be within what has been previously approved among the Palestinian factions in the Cairo declaration and the national reconciliation document.

They also called for comprehensive talks that would include all of the Palestinian factions in order to handle all of the internal issues and conflicts which would lead to establishing for a new phase of political partnership between all factions.