Hatem Abed al Qader, the advisor of the Palestinian premier for Jerusalem affairs, affirmed on Saturday that Israeli authorities are confiscating Palestinian-owned homes in East Jerusalem as part of ongoing annexation of the city.

He added that what is happening is "illegal and illegitimate, there is no legality of the Israeli ownership of any part of the city, especially homes."

Abed al Qader had accused the Israeli authorities of forging papers to confiscate 600 Palestinian-owned buildings in East Jerusalem, among them 129 buildings that are registered to Palestinian owners through the Israeli Land Authority. 

On Saturday, Adnan al-Huseini, advisor of Jerusalem affairs for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, commented that filing the issue in Israeli courts would not be successful and that the Israeli courts are" unfair and will not give the Palestinians their rights especially in East Jerusalem."

Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem after the 1967 war is not recognized by the International Community.  Israel claims all of Jerusalem as its "undivided" capital; the majority of international agencies and embassies reside in Israel's de jur capital, Tel Aviv.