The Egyptian authorities released Sunday 34 Palestinian prisoners of Gaza, they detained in January, after hundreds of thousands of Palestinians flocked to the nearby Egyptian town of aL-Arish, in the northern Sinai Peninsula, for essential supplies.
Egyptian authorities said those released were detained after they were suspected to be carrying weapons.

Today’s release is the second after Egypt freed some 40 others last month, as talks have been underway between the ruling Hamas party and the Egyptian authorities.

All freed prisoners crossed back to Gaza through the Rafah terminal crossing, which has been closed since Israel enforced a closure on the coastal territory, following the Hamas’s takeover of the area in June of last year.

In January23, hundreds of thousands of Gazans flooded into the nearby Egypt after many essential supplies have been made scarce due to the Israeli closure. Since then, the ruling Hamas and Egyptian officials have been holding talks over reopening the Rafah terminal.

Hamas wants the terminal be reopened without return of European observers, used to monitor movement prior to the June’s takeover, as Palestinian presidency in the West Bank is ready for taking control of the crossing with the return of EU monitors.