Lawmaker Jamal Al-Khudary, chairman of the Gaza popular committee for breaking the Israeli siege, appealed to the upcoming Arab states summit in Damascus to focus on possible ways of lifting the Israeli closure on Gaza, that has been in force since last June.

During a speech at a youth rally in Gaza city protesting against the siege, Al-Khudari called on the Arab states’ leaders to use their leverage to help lift the siege that Israel has been enforcing on Gaza since June of last year.

He appealed to Egypt to reopen the Rafah crossing terminal in southern Gaza Strip, at least for emergency needs such as medical care of patients and entry of essential supplies made scarce due to the Israeli closure of Gaza’s crossings.

Al-Khudari, an independent member of parliament, maintained that the Palestinian people in Gaza have been living under extremely harsh economic conditions, as they have been deprived of basic commodities and raw materials because of the ‘crippling closure’.

‘ this rally is sending out a message from the youth of Gaza to those of the Arab/ Islamic world and the international community that the Palestiian people are in need of your solidarity’, Al-Khudary told the rally.

The said activity is not the first as Gaza has witnessed many protests against Israel’s actions on Gaza since the Israeli military enforced a tight closure on the Mediterranean Strip, after the Islamist Hamas took it over in June of last year.