Israeli media sources reported that a Palestinian sniper shot and wounded an Israeli farmer from the Ein Shlosha Kibutz (farm settlement) near the Gaza borders with Israel, Israeli media sources reported

The sources said that the farmer was shot and wounded slightly in the hand, yet no Palestinian group has yet claimed responsibility for the said attack.

Also, the Israeli reports added that two Palestinian homemade shells landed in the Ein Shlosha Kibutz, causing slight damages to some buildings.

The armed wing of the Islamic Jihad group in Gaza, known as aL-Quds brigades claimed responsibility for the homemade shells fire.

In a statement, faxed to press, the aL-Quds Brigades said that such an attack came in response to the continued Israeli assassination attempts and arrest campaigns among Palestinian resistance fighters in the West Bank as well as further commitment to the path of resistance and Jihad (holy war).

Yesterday, the Israeli army kidnapped a Palestinian farmer from the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hamoun, as the coastal territory observes a state of calm after Israel killed 120 Palestinians, including 40 children, early this month.