Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, held a meeting on Thursday with King Abdullah of Jordan, in Amman, and renewed his rejection of withdrawing or modifying the Arab peace initiative which he described as “valuable”, and called on Israel to accept it as it is,Abbas said that some of the most important issues which he discussed with the Jordanian Monarch were peace talks with Israel, internal Palestinian dialogue and the upcoming Arab summit.

Commenting on his talks with the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, Abbas said that negotiations are ongoing and will not stop, but added that, so far, no agreement has been reached.

On his part, the Jordanian monarch, renewed Jordan’s support to the Palestinian Authority and its peace talks with Israel.

King Abdullah added that it is essential to create a positive atmosphere in order to discuss all issues of the final status peace talks in order to achieve a viable and independent Palestinian state.

He also stated that Israel must stop all of its unilateral acts and its ongoing settlement construction and expansion in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the areas around it.