Detained head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik, called on the Arab leaders participating at the Arab Summit which will be held in the coming days in Damascus, to place the Palestinian cause on the top of their agenda. Dr. Dweik, imprisoned by Israel along with dozens of Hamas legislators and officials, urged the Arab leaders to act in order to protect Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa Mosque, and demanded the Arab countries to act against the Israeli siege on the Palestinian people, and to support the Palestinian struggle for justice and independence.

He called on the Arab leaders to support the Palestinian rights, demand Israel to release all Palestinian detainees and to close all of its prisons and detention facilities.

Dr. Dweik, talking on behalf of the imprisoned legislators and ministers, called on the Arab leaders to act effectively in order to break the siege imposed on the Palestinian people.  

He added that restoring unity among the Palestinian people, and ending the divisions among their factions are important factors and priorities that every Palestinian seeks to achieve.

Dr. Dweik expressed wishes that this Arab summit will succeed in achieving the legitimate aspirations of the Arab people.